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Canvas Painting Registration


*Thursday sessions, and 6pm sessions on Saturdays are for adults 18+ only. Painters must be 21+ to bring and consume alcoholic beverages. Identification can, and will, be checked if the staff believes underage drinking is taking place.

*"All Ages" sessions are intended/recommended for anyone aged 6 and up. These are mixed-aged sessions, and we have to give everyone the same amount of instruction/help within a 2-hour period. Please do not sign your child up for these sessions unless they are preparing to turn 6 years old in the current year. Thank you.

CLICK HERE to view the upcoming canvas painting sessions on our Eventbrite profile and register online!
If you'd like to register the "old fashioned" way, give us a ring at 412-787-5790 and speak to a staff member.

(If viewing on a smartphone, you may need to turn your screen to a landscape view)

Thank you for signing up for a painting session at our studio!